Hello there, I am Henk van Calker and I’m an individual investor. I do live in the Netherlands, got a background in Business Administration and am actively seeking to become wiser every day. I am interested in many subjects and consequently I am crawling the web for information and new insights. Obviously, it has always the same recurring theme: money and money flows.

About Unbreaking Wall Street

This blog is about markets, politics, economics, media and finance.

I’ll look beyond the every day noise and focus on the underlying themes. I do not scream about breaking news and I do not comment on a 2% gain or decline on the S&P500. Per contra, I will share the articles which dive deeper in the subject and I will cut the crap for you.

I am not the Messiah and just as irrelevant as anybody else. Let’s talk about relevant topics and start unbreaking the news.

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